Elements Brazil started at the beginning of 2017 acting as an intermediary between Canadian companies and suppliers in Brazil. At first, we intermediated “Bananada” (dry bananas) operation of which we became partners and opened more than 600 stores with this product in Canada, then expanded to the USA. We then sold our stake in this company and started to focus on product variety, taking advantage of the expertise acquired. Today in addition to our exclusive brands that operate in the Canadian market, we work with a line of more than 400 different products to serve the Canadians and in special the Brazilian community (cookies, flour, rice, beans ... etc).


When immigrants leave their country, they go through a series of adaptations and one of the most difficult things to adapt to is different food. For this reason, there’s nothing better than having access to food that ‘takes you back home, to your childhood memories, with your family and friends.

Elements Brazil was founded having this mix of feelings in mind, aiming to bring good memories and to gather good friends.

The company was created not only to serve the ethnic market but also to present new natural flavors and trends in the food sector in a multicultural country like Canada.


Importing and distribution of dry and frozen products.

Personalized services from specialists in the food business.

Consulting included in the services and assistance in choosing new best products for your store.

Shipping throughout Canada with expertise on freight of products stored with different temperatures.

Support to retailers, distributors, suppliers and manufacturers





As of today, we are selling to most of the Latin community in Western Canada with a very wide range of Brazilian and Portuguese products, we have over 400 products in our portfolio, from dry to frozen products, serving the foodservice industry and retail stores. We have also expanded our presence to Eastern Canada, supplying most of the Portuguese supermarkets and grocery stores in Toronto.

As we started dealing mostly with the healthy food industry, we are also very well connected with chains of juice bars, gyms and Brazilian jiu-jitsu centres. 




We were organically growing 25% every year until 2019, when we decided to be more aggressive and expand our portfolio. Since then, we have experienced a rapid growth.


Today we are official distributors of Guarana Antarctica in Western Canada, as well as exclusive distributors of Fruit Pulps and Sorbet from Petruz Group (Açai), VAPZA and Baobah. We also have exclusivity with some local brands, products made in Canada, as Gourmet Factory, Whatafood Pastel, Casa Mineira Sausages, Beiju Waffles. 

Proud members of

The Canadian Health Food Association

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